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Influencer Studies

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Amid the wave of digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, personal YouTubers have become influencers with great leverage and impact. Single-person media has also become a giant in the media market, which now threatens legacy media such as broadcasting stations.

In addition, single-person media influencers will become the largest and core content providers in the future media market. Likewise, the multi-channel network (MCN) industry on which it is based will grow into a giant platform absorbing pre-existing content-based industries such as education, entertainment, and sports.

The Department of Influencer Studies at Daegu Cyber University was created to foster video content-based media influencers that will lead such changes in the social and industrial environment.

Anyone can open a YouTube channel, and anyone can take a video with a mobile phone camera. In other words, anyone can become a YouTuber immediately if they set their mind to it. However, not everyone can be a successful YouTuber. Behind successful YouTubers are unseen video production capabilities, the ability to read trends and many strategies, and the help of experts.

The Department of Influencer Studies at Daegu Cyber University, through its curriculum and support system, aims to cultivate successful video media-based influencers that can have a positive cultural and economic impact on society beyond just YouTubers.

To this end, the department will provide education, training, and practice to cultivate not only the practical video content production capabilities required by single-person media creators, but also marketing and channel growth capabilities to establish a stable profit base through video content and channel management, and literacy capabilities to respond to and lead the media content industry in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It also aims to create a successful media influencer ecosystem through education by deploying curriculum to train MCN professionals who manage and commercialize single-person media creators as influencers and fostering the talented people required in the single-person media content industry.

The Department of Influencer Studies at Daegu Cyber University aims to become the center of the new media expert network group that will lead the Korean media influencer ecosystem by advancing real influencer management experts into society through practical and differentiated convergence education, not just training YouTubers who imitate, and by collaborating with each other even after graduation.



arrow icon Objectives

- Creating new industries and discovering growth engines in the media and content sectors due to changes in content consumption and distribution paradigms and intensified global competition to become a first-mover in the ecosystem of the fourth industrial era

- Training single-person media content creation experts leading the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

- Providing practical skills training such as planning, filming, editing, and producing internet-based media content, and furthermore, cultivating working-level skills as media creators

- Providing and developing practical influencer marketing (Live Commerce) skills



arrow icon Characteristics

Department of Influencer Studies : Content Planning + Video Production and Editing + Channel Development + Live Commerce



arrow icon Prospects

- Single-person media creator

- Specialist in the field of MCN

- Influencer Marketing Specialist

- Employment in broadcasting fields such as broadcast directing, video technician, sound technician, photographer, editor, etc.

- Employment in various industries that require broadcasting or video planning and production



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