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Why Choose DCU?

9 strengths of Daegu Cyber University
Daegu Cyber University is recognized as top accredited online university by the Ministry of Education. in Korea.
As a DCU student, you will receive a complete program with the same support that campus students receive.
We provide extensive career placement services and financial aid for students who qualify as well as high quality online programs with well-trained professors and high-tech lecture content.

1. DCU is a Higher Educational Institution accredited by the Minsitry of education in Korea
Daegu Cyber University is accredited by the ministry of education as higher educational institution.
We are the first accredited cyber university in Daegu and Gyeongbuk Province in Korea.

2. DCU is Special and Unique
We are the ONLY online university in Korea to offer the following courses.
Special Education (02'), Speech Language Pathology (06'), Behavior Therapy (07'), Play Therapy (08')

3. DCU is First
We are the FIRST online University in Korea to offer the following courses.
Special Education (02'), Art Therapy (05'), Speech Language Pathology (06'), Behavior Therapy (07'), Play Therapy (08')

4. DCU was named an "Excellent University"
DCU was named an "Excellent University" by the Ministry of education in Korea as a result of a comprehensive evaluation of dictance education universities.

5. DCU was selected as a "Recommended Lifelong Education Institution"
Daegu Cyber University was selected as one of the Recommended Lifelong Education Institutions among all universities and colleges in Korea by University News Network.

6. DCU has a strong educational infrastructure in Special Education
We are equipped with strong campus infrastructure, faculty, staff, and curriculum through collaboration with Daegu University, one of the top specialized universities in Korea and DCU’s sister university under the governance of the same university corporation.

7. DCU has expanded its global presence through academic collaboration with universities and institutions outside Korea
We cooperate on academic collaboration with popular universities and institutions from countries like Hong Kong, India, Thailand, the United States of America, and Vietnam.

8. DCU has various types of student scholarships
Nearly one out of every three DCU students benefits from our scholarship programs.

9. DCU offers the most advanced technology and free online classes
We provide the most advanced educational service technology with HD broadcasts and a 3D virtual studio as well as offering free online computer classes to all DCU students.