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Clinical Psychology

arrow icon Introduction

Daegu Cyber University is the first open university to offer a clinical psychology department. 

The clinical psychology department has an unwavering commitment to truth and sincerity. 

The clinical psychology department supports the training of clinical psychologists through video seminars, 

offline seminars, and on-line/off-line full-time supervising professors' practical guidance.

The department focuses on practical training, case studies, and practicum in psychological examination, diagnosis, 

pathology, dynamics, emotions, and treatment. 

Professors devote all their energy toward actively engaging and guiding education. 

The department aims to train and cultivate clinical psychologists with expertise and practical skills.


arrow icon Objectives

1) To acquire basic knowledge of the human mind and behavior
2) To obtain basic knowledge of psychological health and pathology and seek an integrated understanding
3) To cultivate the ability to conduct psychological evaluations, distinguish and diagnose mental disorders and problems, and prepare evaluation reports
4) To develop the ability to understand and implement dynamic diagnostics in addition to technical diagnostics
5) To promote dynamic case conceptualization and dynamic treatment based on dynamic psychological aspects
6) To develop program composition and performance skills based on emotional psychology, emotional therapy, and positive psychology, which are recognized as the core topics of treatment and human beings in psychology and psychotherapy
7) To complete a one-year training course essential for certification by the Human Resource Development Service of Korea


arrow icon Characteristics

1) Applicable to the second level of the nationally-approved clinical psychologist examination (Human Resource Development Service of Korea)
2) Recognition of a one-year practicum, which is a qualification requirement for the clinical psychologist examination required by the Human Resource Development Service of Korea: upon completion of the clinical psychology practicum course
3) Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis, Psychotherapy, Psychodynamics, Psychopathology, Psychology of Emotion, Positive Psychology
4) Engagement and guidance of professors: On-line and off-line practicum, book reading, collective counseling, case studies, and workshop support



arrow icon Careers after Graduation

1) Increasing demand from public institutions (schools, correctional facilities, military institutions, the Ministry of Justice, etc.) at all levels
2) Preferential employment selection and additional points granted by public institutions and companies (e.g. corporate sexual violence centers, in-house mental health centers, industrial accident centers, etc.). Preference for promotion, transfer, and status guarantee
3) Increasing demand for counseling treatment centers, welfare centers, and senior citizens (dementia, nursing, and mental management) centers
4) Increasing demand in development and children's institutions (e.g. mandatory recruitment of clinical psychological counselors at local childcare centers (daycare centers))
5) Advancement to postgraduate studies (clinical, counseling, and mental health-related fields)


arrow icon Department Tel

+82-53-859-7598 / *Department homepage: