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Social Welfare Counseling

arrow icon Introduction

The Department of Social Welfare Counseling helps learners to foster detailed and specialized counseling theory and practical skills for clients and families with diverse and complex problems. The department thus strives to train professional social welfare (family) counseling human resources who can actively respond to social problems related to mental health in the social welfare sector, which is rapidly increasing during the 4th Industrial Revolution and the so-called Corona New Normal era.

arrow icon Objectives

1) To develop competitive practical skills as experts in all sectors including social welfare,  family counseling, lifelong education, and youth counseling at social welfare practice sites
2) To foster social welfare (family) counseling human resources specialized in counseling areas such as family counseling and family therapy, youth counseling, domestic violence,  health and family, mental health, medical care, and social welfare institutions and facilities
3) To develop creative, cooperative and progressive practical skills by providing comprehensive, detailed, and specialized practical skills training in counseling, policy, administration, and management


arrow icon Characteristics

1) Development of integrated case management skills of social welfare workers for individual, families, groups, and communities through a curriculum that covers all areas including social welfare, family counseling, lifelong education, and youth counseling
2) Revitalization of a virtuous circle of 'academics + qualifications + employment'
3) ‘Student-School-Workplace’ integrated education systems and differentiated curricula in both online and offline delivery modes

arrow icon Career after the Graduation

1) Specialized social welfare + (family) counseling personnel in the field of case management practice and counseling areas at mental health, medical care, family counseling and family treatment, and welfare-related institutions
2) Advancement to postgraduate studies in social welfare and social welfare counseling (family counseling) to graduate school
3) Public officials: Civil servants exclusively in charge of social welfare at City Hall and the District (Gu) Office
4) Medical institutions: Working as general medical social workers in medical institutions, and as mental health social welfare workers after training for a certain period of time
5) Schools: Working as school social workers 

6) General companies: Responsible for labor management, human resources management, and in-house lifelong education
7) Social welfare facilities management



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