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Art Therapy

arrow icon Introduction

Currently, our society is entering multicultural society, competitive society, and global society through industrialization and a nuclear family, and families and individuals are also suffering sharp changes in such periodical trend. However, as many people experience difficulties in adapting themselves to periodical changes, many negative problems occur such as economic difficulty, melancholia, suicide, family violence and noninterference, confusion of a sense of identity, external wounds and bullying, learning disabilities, etc. The Department of Art Therapy focuses on learning of theories, techniques and therapeutic technologies of art therapy necessary to prevent, reduce and treat such periodical confusion and problem, and people's pain. Under such objective, the Department intends to learn art science and psychological therapy and knowledge with balance centered on art therapy, and specially professors who have proper qualifications give lectures.
Besides, the Department aims at cultivating art therapists and specialists who have necessary expertise and professional abilities for the field to enjoy the right to pursue happiness and contribute to constructing healthy society.



arrow icon Objectives

- To cultivate specialists in the field of art therapy for children and juveniles
- To cultivate specialists in the field of art therapy for adults and the aged
- To cultivate specialists in the field of art therapy for women and families
- To develop and study diversified programs for the aged and disabled, and counseling techniques
- To learn abilities of counseling and art therapy on mental disorders and problems
- To learn art therapy techniques necessary for counseling and therapy in various fields



arrow icon Characteristics

- Support of employment and starting of a business - A sole department where students can study art therapy in cyber   university
- Copying with national humanity education policy and social needs
- President's art therapist certification system with public trust for the first time in the country
- Simple courses to acquire art therapy certificates in the home and a job site
- Cheapest and most excellent art therapist cultivation course
- Organization of the curriculum advantageous to acquire multiple certificates
- Acquisition of art, psychology, and psychological therapy with balance, including art therapy
- The lineup of full-time professors for instructions in each field of art, psychology, and art therapy
- Entry into graduate school in related fields such as art therapy, counseling, clinics, etc.



arrow icon Prospects

- Individual operation of an art therapy center
- Employed as an art therapist at welfare centers, therapy centers, and hospitals
- Enhancement of professionalism in the field (education and social welfare, hospitals, etc.)
- Development and activation of global programs through establishment of sisterhood relationship with world famous universities


arrow icon Obtainable Certificates

1. Nationally authorized certificates

- Social worker grade 2 certificate, child-care teacher grade 2 certificate, and lifelong educator grade 2 certificate after completing the fixed curriculum

- Applicable for acquisition of clinical psychologist and national youth counselor qualification examination after completing the fixed curriculum

2. Certificate under the President's name

- Art therapist under the President's name granted to each student after completing the fixed curriculum

3. Certificates from societies

- Applicable for certificates to be issued by societies such as art therapist, play/music/reading/horticultural therapist, behavior therapist, counseling psychologist, etc. after completing the fixed curriculum


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