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Developmental Rehabilitation

arrow icon Introduction

Although social consideration and support for the disabled have recently been diversified in society, the higher education system for the developmentally disabled is insufficient. The Department of Independence Support will provide higher education opportunities to the disabled so that they can prepare for the future as members of society. Furthermore, the Department will support the disabled by designing curricula that can lead to their successful independence.



arrow icon Objectives

- To guarantee and secure higher education for the developmentally disabled, the first and only among cyber universities
- To provide and support educational content that can lead to successful independence for the disabled
- To train and foster individuals who are required by society through theoretical education and field practice necessary for independent living



arrow icon Characteristics

As the first and only department among cyber universities to establish a higher education curriculum that supports independence for the disabled, the Department of Independence Support practices well-rounded whole-person education for the disabled who have been marginalized from access to higher education due to their mental and physical disabilities. The Department supports individual learning through mentoring for students majoring in special education, rehabilitation counseling, language therapy, behavioral therapy, counseling psychology as well as through the Disabled Students Support Center. In addition, the Department encourages successful independence by improving vocational skills and competency through links with community-based organizations.



arrow icon Prospects

The Korean government recently announced a comprehensive plan for the lifelong care of the developmentally disabled by declaring a national policy of inclusion. Realizing this policy, especially social and vocational activities for developmentally disabled youth and middle-aged people, requires capacity development and customized employment support through higher education for the developmentally disabled during each stage of their lifelong care. Daegu Cyber University's Department of Independence Support will help the developmentally disabled to live their lives as professionals in society by fulfilling their desire for higher education and by honing the vocational and social qualities necessary for independence.



arrow icon Career after Graduation

- Individual career development and employment links
- Postgraduate studies