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President's Greeting

Welcome to Daegu Cyber University.


Daegu Cyber University is an open university that is part of the Yeong Gwang School Academy founded by Reverend Seongsan Rhee Young Shik with his founding spirit of "Love, Light, and Freedom." We have been making remarkable progress and development since our establishment in 2002 and are a brother school to Daegu University, which embraces the socially challenged and strives to foster compassionate individuals who illuminate the world by realizing the founding spirit of “Love, Light, and Freedom.” As a result, Daegu Cyber University has established itself as one of the top specialized cyber universities in Asia in the fields of special education, social welfare, counseling and therapy, and rehabilitation.


As the day will soon come when cyber universities lead higher education, everyone at Daegu Cyber University is working together to prepare for this imminent future with "innovative smart education" and to realize a shared welfare for all people that is built on a spiritual foundation of noble humanity.


To become a leading university in future convergence education, Daegu Cyber University has established U.C.A.N. as its new vision of educational philosophy to pursue “well-rounded whole-person education” that fosters compassionate professionals who create a just and beautiful society by focusing on “exceptionalism, creativity, and significance” based on the founding spirit of “Love, Light, and Freedom.”


“Uniqueness, Creativity, Ambition, and iNtelligence” are the values of future education that both Daegu Cyber University and society itself should ultimately pursue. To realize these values, Daegu Cyber University will strive to secure global competitiveness by creating social values through strengthening its smart education capacity and by enhancing its foundation for future convergence education.


As an open university that leads tomorrow’s convergence education, Daegu Cyber University will provide hope for future education by realizing social values through the training of individuals who will illuminate the world.

Once again, I would like to welcome you to Daegu Cyber University.
Thank you.


President, Daegu Cyber University