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Speech Language Pathology

arrow icon Introduction

Those who have speech disorders have difficulties in communication or personal relations because they have difficulty in symbolizing their opinion in linguistic system or understanding others' speech. The Department of Speech Therapy was set up for the purpose of cultivating professional speech therapists who can early diagnose and identify children and adults with such speech disorders and solving the problem in patient's side.
Specially, the Department of Speech Therapy aims at spreading speech therapy among parents of children with disabilities and those who are interested in speech therapy by maximizing scientific efficiency through remote lecture-based theoretical lecture and offline-based clinical practice, and forming a place to cultivate professional speech therapists.



arrow icon Objectives

- To cultivate an ability to early diagnose and identify speech disorder
- To cultivate a sense of community with people with speech-language disorders through human-oriented education
- To contribute to welfare of the disabled by solving their speech problems
- To induce language development from children with speech disorder through diversified activities and help improvement in
- To cultivate professional speech therapists to solve various speech problems



arrow icon Characteristics

Students can apply for speech therapy grade 2 qualification examination sponsored by the 「Korean Association of Speech-Language Pathologists」in the same manner as general offline universities while receiving an education at home. Specially, those who engage in disabilities-related jobs or a family member of the disabled can more understand and learn an efficient approach to speech problems being suffered by children and adults with disabilities by receiving an education at home. Speech observation practice and speech clinical practice are performed in various fields such as hospitals, welfare centers, private research institutes, etc. as a practical study connected with the field after graduation. In terms of characteristics of the Department, there are offline classes, and students must essentially participate in offline classes at orientation for speech observation practice and speech clinical practice and when taking relevant courses.



arrow icon Prospects

Students can be employed as speech therapists in each field after graduation.

(1) Welfare centers : General welfare centers for the disabled, social general welfare centers, family welfare centers, and welfare centers for the aged under the control of national organizations and local governments

(2) Children's house : Exclusive for children with disorders and integrated children's house

(3) Medical institutions : General hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, long-term care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, otolaryngology departments., neurology departments, child psychiatry departments, and rehabilitation medicine departments

(4) Private speech therapy centers : Rehabilitation centers, speech clinics, developmental disorder research institutes, speech therapy clinics, private laboratories, private therapy centers

(5) Private otolaryngology centers : Otolaryngology research institutes

(6) Entry to graduate schools : Entry to graduate schools majoring in speech therapy and auditory sense



arrow icon Obtainable Certificates

- Applicable for speech therapist grade 2 qualification examination sponsored by the Korean Association of Speech-Language   Pathologists
- Social worker grade 2 certificate, child-care teacher grade 2 certificate, and lifelong educator grade 2 certificate obtainable   after completing the fixed curriculum.



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