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Public Administration

arrow icon Introduction

The Department of Public Administration helps students to understand and predict broad and complicated administrative phenomenon and helps to play important role in the country as person who devote themselves for better human life improvement.
The department also helps students to be experts who have ability to change the public organization and innovate the world.
There are five sectors we have to consider in order to achieve the above objectives. The first sector is the public administration sector where competent administrators who lead the effective public organizations are produced. The second sector is the public policy sector where the policy makers who control government policy procedures and evaluate its results are produced.
The third is the urban and local administration sector where the local and welfare administrators who offer the service that satisfies the demand of the provinces and improve the lifes of the citizens are produced. The forth sector is the social policy sector where the experts in social welfare policy who manage the important social and welfare policies in low birth and aging society are produced. The last but not the least sector is the international sector.



arrow icon Objectives

1) To Produce public administrator who lead the country as well as international society

2) To produce the local society leader who lead the international and local government

3) To produce the lifelong educator who offers the lifelong education to the local community people

4) To produce NGO consultant who lead the civil society



arrow icon Characteristics

1) Public administrator : can work as government officials or public administrators

2) Lifelong education sector : can work at cultural centers established in local government, lifelong education centers, online lifelong education institutes, libraries, social welfare centers and other lifelong centers

3) NGO activity sector: Civil Rights Movement, Consumer Movement, Human right movement, peace movement and regional international society

4) Entry into graduate school in related fields



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