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Behavior Therapy

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The Department of Behavior Therapy aims at cultivating specialists majoring in behavior therapy so that they can support children, juveniles, and adults who have developmental, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral difficulties to overcome psychological and pathological pain and give them a help for self-realization as a member of society. Specially, maladjusted emotion and behavior, which is being significantly increased, is rising as a big issue in terms of support of mental health in the whole society as well as individuals.
The Department was established for the purpose of cultivating behavior therapy specialists so that their expertise can gain confidence home and overseas by providing the curriculum through close exchange and collaboration with the domestic and foreign prominent faculty and international behavior therapy societies and clinical institutions in order to support such individual and social mental health problem in a manner of ecological and scientific behavior therapy.



arrow icon Objectives

(1) To cultivate behavior therapy specialists for ecological and scientific support so that members(children, juveniles, and adults) of the society who show mental and behavioral problem and cognitive retardation that are being increasingly prevalent can overcome psychological and pathological pain

(2) To cultivate behavior therapy specialists through advanced academic exchange and thorough clinical practice so that they can be worthy as behavior therapy professionals having academic and clinical competence home and overseas in the global age

(3) To cultivate comprehensive behavior therapy specialists through clinical practice in cooperation with international clinical institutions and field study based on advanced theory in the field of comprehensive behavior therapy



arrow icon Characteristics

The curriculum of the Department was constructed through close exchange and collaboration with international institutions and bodies specializing in behavior therapy in order to cultivate competent and reliable behavior therapy specialists home and overseas through basic and theoretical background and thorough clinical instructions from domestic and foreign professors in the field of behavior therapy. Also, the faculty majoring in behavior therapy who are well-known home and abroad perform all-out academic and clinical education so that students can have qualifications as specialists in mental and behavioral problems of children and juveniles who are being increasingly demanded home and abroad. The lectures are given both in Korean and English to cope with the global age, and the theoretical lectures related to behavior therapy are given online, so that an opportunity is given to students to grow as specialists in educational conditions without physical limitation of time and space. Above all things, the Department offers a basis for students majoring in behavior therapy to exercise the professionalism home and overseas by providing them with theoretical and clinical curricula through close exchange and collaboration with international institutions and organizations of distinction.



arrow icon Prospects

The Department conducts the curricula through close collaboration with internationally well-known institutions, organizations, and professors being at an advanced position in academic and clinical aspect, thus students majoring in behavior therapy can grow to be specialists by acquiring domestic and international behavior therapy certificates at the same time with their graduation and exercise their competence as clinical specialists who are worthy at any time and space in the global age. Once students graduate from this Department, they can display their competence as specialists in behavior therapy and psychological therapy in home(overseas) hospitals, national and public counseling institutions, behavior therapy centers, clinical and psychological therapy research institutes, rehabilitation and welfare center for children with disabilities, and other clinical institutions.



arrow icon Obtainable Certificates

(1) After completion of the curriculum and screening,

- The Applied Behavior Analysis Institute(ABAI)

- authorized international behavior therapist(BACB/BCBA)

- Behavior therapist issued by the Korea Society for the Emotional & Behavioral Disorders

(recognized for 120-hour training and completion) - Behavior therapist under the President's name

- Certification of qualifications of special education teacher in child-care facilities(Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs)

(2) After completion of the additional fixed curriculum and screening

- The International Society for Play Therapy(IPT)-authorized international play therapist

- Certificates issued from related societies including domestic rehabilitation psychology, play therapy, and counseling

- Social worker, child care teacher, and lifelong educator

- Applicable for national youth counselor qualification examination

※ The international behavior therapist certificate(BACB/BCBA) is being examined.



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